Nanomatch Software handling with SimStack

The SimStack Workflow Platform allows optimal scalability of your virtual R&D efforts by conquering the complex multiscale simulations. SimStack is a Client-Server architecture that allows the setup and execution of complex workflows on HPC resources without special training in HPC handling or scripting. The Workflow Client relieves you of manual transfer of files and other information between the individual simulation steps by automatically connecting individual modules, and Nanomatch products as well as third-party-software modules are combined into complex, reusable custom-tailored workflows using this drag-and-drop graphical user interface.

To enable the execution of a multitude of extensive, large-scale simulations that require high performance computing (HPC) resources, the Wokflow Client automatically connects to remote resources, submits the workflows and downloads relevant results to your local computer. This enables the setup of even the most complex simulations, e.g. full device modeling of multi-layer structures, on HPC facilities in just a few clicks.

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